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SPRING mobile app

 The SPRING mobile app is now live!!!


Our SPRING mobile app was created by our project team to serve as a user-friendly self-assessment tool for owners, managers and successors of family businesses, to help them evaluate their needs and address their challenges in terms of succession planning and strategic growth planning, without disclosing any sensitive personal and business information to people they do not know or trust. 

The self-assessment tool can also be completed by others within the family business, in addition to the Managing Director and the difference in perceptions, scoring and results can then be discussed to help the Management Team to prioritise their actions needed to create a successful succession plan. 

It only takes 8-10’ to complete this self-assessment tool and the results you will have available can be of great value to your family business.

You can download our mobile app in either Android phones or Apple (i-phones) by typing:

SPRING Succession Planning

Alternatively click here for the App store and here for the Play Store.

Also you can access our self-assessment through the internet, if you do not want to download the mobile app.

The English version is available here: 

The German version is available here: 

You can find below the links to our SPRING self-assessment matrix to help you interpret your results:

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