SPRING: Succession Planning and Regeneration In Family Businesses

for New Growth through an innovative training programme


SPRING, aims to help EU family businesses to fulfil their potential, by offering them a complete package with the necessary training, mentoring, support and guidance.

Main activities and outputs: Design and pilot an innovative and practical SPRING Training and Consultancy programme, jointly offered by renowned EU universities and adult training and consulting companies.



SPRING aims to bring together universities and consulting/training firms, from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and with diverse experiences from all over Europe, to share their knowledge and skills for a new, more innovative and more competitive Europe, through the regeneration of family businesses.



The consortium of partners is composed of eleven organisations from nine EU countries.

The countries participating in the project are Italy, Cyprus, France, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Malta and Belgium

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SPRING: Succession Planning and Regeneration In Family Businesses for New Growth through an innovative training programme

The SPRING Training and Consultancy Programme, delivered by experts in the field of family businesses, aims to address the needs of family business owners, managers and successors and help them with succession planning, creating strategy for growth, building a strong governance, balancing intergenerational dynamics, identifying, training and motivating the future successors.

The main goal of the SPRING Project is to contribute in making family businesses more competitive, profitable and sustainable, with higher growth potential, assisting at the same time in decreasing unemployment levels across the EU and enhancing EU competitiveness. These aims fit within the third mission of universities of becoming engaged with societal demands and linking the university with its socio-economic context. SPRING is in line with Europe 2020 strategy, which places knowledge at the heart of the EU’s efforts for achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.


SPRING is funded by the Programme Erasmus+ 2018, under the action “KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices- Knowledge Alliances”

The project is implemented by 11 partners, coming from 9 countries

(Cyprus, Italy, Malta, France, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium).

The duration of the project is 36 months (Start Date: 01/01/2019, End date: 31/12/2021



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