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SPRING aims to bring together universities and consulting/training firms, from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and with diverse experiences from all over Europe, to share their knowledge and skills for a new, more innovative and more competitive Europe, through the regeneration of family businesses. The involved partners have expertise in family businesses and in entrepreneurship, aiming to converge the two to have a practical and current Training and Consultancy Programme.


The project will be implemented in 9 countries (Cyprus, Italy, Malta, France, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium) with the fruitful and resourceful collaboration of 11 involved organisations.


The consortium of partners is composed of 11 organisations from 9 EU countries and is consisted of:

  • P1: Universita degli Studi di Palermo, Italy

  • P2: GrantXpert Consulting, Cyprus


  • P4: Universitat de Valencia, Spain

  • P5: University UCLan Cyprus

  • P6: Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal

  • P7: William Battle Learning Limited, United Kingdom

  • P8: ABB Training Center, Germany

  • P9: KEDIA International Ltd, Malta

  • P.10: European Family Businesses, GEIE, Belgium

  • P.11: CYBAN Cyprus Business Angels Network Ltd, Cyprus


Main Target Group

The main target groups of SPRING that will derive real benefits from the project outcomes are:

  • Current owners of family businesses;

  • Family members, who are employed within the business and who may be nominated as potential successors;

  • Current managers (non-family members) within a family business who run the company operationally, having the responsibility for planning and executing the strategy that will assure future success;

  • Academic and higher education institutions that offer courses at master’s and PhD level related to family businesses;

  • Professional training institutions and consulting companies offering training and consulting services to family businesses;

  • University students who will come in contact with the SPRING content through their master’s and MBA programmes.

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