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The series of free webinars for family businesses was completed successfully!

On Tuesday 02.03.2021 our series of 8 free webinars for family businesses funded by our European project SPRING was completed. The series consisted of approximately 20 hours of free training  to help family businesses grow in a post-COVID-19 world, provided by a team of family business experts from 9 member countries of the European Union. 

The programme included among other topics:

  • Strategic development of Family Business across generations

  • Managing intergenerational dynamics 

  • Practical lessons from COVID-19

  • Family Business recovery post-pandemic and the next generation

  • The succession process

More than 240 people from 139 family businesses operating in 44 countries in Europe and beyond registered for our series. Overall participants found the webinars interesting, informative and very practical with lots of examples that one can easily relate to and apply to his/her own business. 

"I really liked the examples explained by the keynote speakers based on their experience with other family businesses in Europe"

"I really liked the interactivity and polls that kept everyone engaged"

"I liked listening to an approach that is very different from our own management style"

If you'd like to see a recap of all webinars check out the video on our social media:

All of the webinars were recorded and will soon be uploaded on our project's eLearning platform.

Stay tuned!

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